Web Developer

Specializing in graphic design, and full-stack web development.


Website creation begins with consulting. Through our initial video discussions, I will help you determine the best approach for launching and maintaining your website from the comfort of your location anywhere in the world. From design, development, and testing to final production and search engine optimization, I will help you navigate the various solutions to determine the best fit for you now, with the flexibility that allows for growth and change in the future.

For instance, initially, you may want 100% of the website managed by us on a shared server of a hosting service. However, as your company grows, you may want to shift the ongoing updates and support to a new employee on your staff and move to a dedicated server. When that time comes, I will assist in getting your employee(s) up to speed on the underlying architecture/code for a seamless transition. The key is, it's your website. I am here to help you in any way you need to ensure it is secure, relevant and provides your customers with easy access to information.


When designing your website, I take the time to ensure your customers can find what they need quickly and have a great brand experience. We do this by considering individuals' emotional responses to color, image, space, and eye-tracking. Each element should appeal to your target audience and convey the impression of the brand you want.

I can assist you in creating your brand from the ground up, starting with your Logo Design. However, if you want to make your Logo, here are a few free resources that you may find helpful in the creative process of your Logo. Just a word of caution, your Logo is the face of your company – the first impression you make, so take your time to ensure it sends the message you want now and for all time.


Guidelines for the world-wide-web are continually evolving, as are the technologies and tools that support it. As a result, you should consider your website as a living, breathing entity that needs to be frequently updated to stay secure, maintain peak performance, and continued relevance. I take time each day to assess and learn new technologies and trends in user expectations to ensure your website stays healthy, is secure, and provides an exceptional user experience.